After Kim Pop, in which Kim was a DJ, Antonio Mainenti now dives into the more pastoral side of Kim’s personality. He follows his preparation for a visit to Europe. Each song we hear is like a postcard from the past, a past that doesn’t exist no more, except in North Korea.

Word to Antonio:

“Kim gets up one morning and search his name on google. Does not use his full name, only writes Kim.

He receive a nasty surprise: not the first Kim on Google. For this reason, he will make his first official trip to the countryside of Europe to conquer the taste farmer.

Kim prepares his trip to the European countryside, listen much peasant music: the pop-trash-bucolic-retro that you do not listen much more. Music by the Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal.

Kim is in the countryside

Kim has a stupid hat

Kim does not go to the gym

Kim does not smoke opium

Kim give the ketamine to cock

Kim eat 5 eggs for breakfast

Kim goes in Holland for Rinus, not for the countryside

Kim does not drink coffee

Kim eat seasonal fruit

Kim has a self-made oven

Kim plays with He-Man

“Kim: on Radio-On”


And the audio postcards come from


Ik hou van Holland – Heintje

Tarantella siciliana

Wind Automatisch

Boys Boys Boys

Sabrina Salerno



Ruizinho de Penacova – mexe

Kermisklanten – Zuiderzee ballade

Alghero – Giuni Russo



Radi Ensemble – Wini Wini


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