In the second instalment of a special on Ben Roberts and his vast archive of found tapes we hear Ben introduce his work. Ben Roberts, a Brit in Madrid has been collecting found tapes ever since his youngest youth. What started in thrift stores in his hometown has developed into a fascination that borders at science. Gifted with a hypered sense of being able to read and see into the world that unspools before his very ears, he detects the signs of the past times.

In the Ben Roberts Show he introduces some sounds from his archive and explains how they connect to the broader spectre of modern history. Personal stories from the era of the Spanish construction boom and its downfall but also the financial crisis as it was announced in the last century came to him on tapes found in San Francisco, New York, Paris or simply in the streets of Madrid.

It is not a dry archivists story you will hear. Ben Roberts performs with these sounds, with use of turn tables, cassette and reel to reel players. His songs have a nice warm comfortable feel about it, lazy beats and pitched-down melodies are juxtaposed with rather formal sounding voices.

A must hear!


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