Olga Nosova and Alexei Borisov together are the band Astma. How to describe sounds, that are produced by a table filled with little electronic creatures and in addition to this, devices you can hit with a drumstick? And sometimes Olga or Alexei recite or sing. In their backpack they carry the load of soviet experimentations, and if you listen carefully there’s some Stravinsky and Sputnik signals as well. As Astma they transmit, guide and explore an entity that is completely made of sound particles.

They also tour a lot. People who travel have tales to tell.

They are both from Russia; Alexei is from two countries, one of them, the Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore. For westerners and other inhabitants of the globe, Russia and the Soviet Union are a mystery. What can our guests tell about their country?

Adrian Shephard hosts the two of them. Radio On live interviews are as much unpredictable as your, my and everyone’s future.

You never know what will happen.

Olga Nosova.raw

Alexei Borisov


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