Don Campau opens a window to the 1990’s. You will feel a warm feelgood air entering your apartment. Enjoy your memories, or your ‘Sehnsucht.”

word to John Sosnowski:

“well, my first tape trading experience was in the late 80’s back when Jim Santo still did the Demo Universe column in Alternative Press magazine. I sent in a tape and Mr. Santo actually reviewed it, which made me feel pretty damn cool, even though I’m far from it, lol.”
“My first actual tape trading was with the indelible Mr. Kenyata Sullivan of (then) Pandora’s Lunchbox fame, currently rocking with The Majestic Twelve. We exchanged tapes and he introduced me to so many different people and music. It wasn’t that often that I came across people with the same musical tastes as me so, taking that first step and sending in a tape to Jim Santo, then getting in touch with Kenyata, was like finding the door to a very comfortable place to share my peculiarities with other like minded people.”