Let’s have a little celebration. LL is with us for almost three years. He has been around a little bit longer:

250+ Lord Litter Radioshows
most delightful selections of no rules eclecticism on the radio today

Lord Litter – No Harm Done – 2011 a sort of Ray Davies way as well as a sort of John Cale way

Lord Litter – still dancin – CD 2014 experimental psych-folk may remind one of The Incredible String Band

Lord Litter – Lights Out 2016 -the cassette that never was, a journey into the bizarre.


Though you might not notice upon first hearing, there is a clear message in every show. His concern might be expressed in this way: After the referendum in Turkey it seems obvious that the world is seperated in two halfs .. Everywhere.. I NEVER will be with those ones that want to separate, that want to built walls, that want to divide .. never……...RESISTANCE is NEVER futile…..”

How does this connect to the radio shows? Well, most of the songs and tracks he plays are made by people who operate far away from music industries, always focussed on their own sound, their own expression. That is a way of resistance.

1. The Mothers of Invention – It can’t happen here – double LP – Freak Out! –

2. UNIT – Chester Scores Another Goal
3. Howl in the Typewriter – Seven women
4. Nil By Nose – Thinking Bread
2-4 CD compilation – Godspunk Volume Seventeen

5. Nunun – Inner
6. Nunun – Drop Blue
5/6 CD Inner

7. Ultra Violet Eye – Ruin My Life – LP compilation – Composite Drawing

8. Walker Brigade – Don’t sell out (For Free)
9. Walker Brigade – What is wrong with me?
10.Walker Brigade – V.D Doll
8-10. Therapy Animal

11. Speed Of Sound – Little Miss Restless
12. Speed Of Sound – The Changes
11/12 LP plus Bonus CD – Everything Changes –

13. The Troggs – You’re Lying
14. The Troggs – I can Only give you everything
13 / 14 CD Trogglodynamite plus Bonustracks –

15. The Equals – I’m a poor man – LP – Unequaled –

16. ALVARO – El Stress – CD EP – Transitional Music
17. ALVARO – The Death – CD EP – darlings
Bonus: 18. ALVARO – Mum’s Milk Not Powder – CD EP – Lonely Piano

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