The General Election 2017

Weirding Module – Farther Out

One by Magam



Theresa May thrown into the dungeon
The anti-bubble of Jeremy Corbyn
Post-election analysis turns into
analysis of full bloom capitalist society
– bubble-ism –

Jeremy Corbyn travels to Berlin on megabus
brings tea bags from Brittany
Adrian is going to meet him at the station
and takes him for a picknick on the Landwehrkanal

The Boris Johnson scarecrow as a business model

weirding module – fag tapes – farther out

Direct connection to Theresa May in the Dungeons
terrible farting heard

Strong and stable hissing as a snake
saves all your kisses for me during a nuclear attack
men at war women at home are strong and stable
building up the country because the men are dad.

Kids for Corbyn.

Punch and Judy and the oil crisis

Q: Is there a Punch and Judy puppet modelled after Robert Smith
because Jeremy Corbyn might have one in his garden
and that’s why the kids voted for him.

followed by a Robert Smith in-depth discussion.

Q: How perverted is Britain
an in-depth analysis of Margareth Thatcher’s
gang bang thoughts-provoking appearance
that turned on the older tories.

Source: Adam Curtis and the century of the self

Porn symbol and the modern history of porn movies
including a super8 porn memory
and another story from the darth moors in northern England

David Lynch and Cecil B Demille

Madam – Thirsty Leaves – One

Greek cardboard is the best there is.

Radio On wants to move to Greece and live in an old cave.

The advantage of vinyl:
you can play the other side immediately
unlike a tape of which you have to play one side first
before you can play the other one.

Black and white early neo-relalist movies
people walking around in neighbourhoods that were under construction
an atmosphere of something ending and something starting.

Tape goes from one point to an other point
from everything to nothing
a record just goes round and round
takes you nowhere.

A guy with a bazooka on a balcony.

Radio On on a Greek Island eating olives
and getting drunk on Greek white wine.

detective music

Film noir projected on the surface of the sea on a moonless night
music resounding from the hills

The gentle sounds of armaments exploding on the island of Yum
while the moon rises from behind the mountains.

This and more is what you can expect when you listen to the Post Election Tape Review Show with Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek



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