Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté in Buenos Aires

This edition of Mitt Paté was made in Buenos Aires. Agnès was there for an artistic enterprise. It meant of course that she had to leave her natural habitat, Madrid, and encounter new impressions. She had to experience winter during summertime. It took her a bit longer to construct a new collage. But it was well worth the wait.

I come to be convinced that Agnès is unique in her approach. She connects a high sensitivity to the current Zeitgeist, changes observations into moods, and picks from a rich palette of sounds to put together her impressionist work of audio art.

Her room in Buenos Aires, going out on the street, getting familiar with the immediate surroundings, sink into the abysses of her fantasies or those of human conduct, experience the juvenile angst during chats over the internet, trying to confront a strange reality again, get pensative about it, even shy away, and a bit of homesickness are elements of a work of glorious appropriation. There is no business like show business, and luckily you can go shoplifting for ever in their cooperate buildings.


Alexander von Zemlinsky – Österreichische Mediathek Ouvertüre Don Giovanni (Mozart) //
Joseph Nechvatal – Viral Symphony 2nd Mvt “Murmuring Tongue of Ovid” //
WTF.FM – golfball clean instruction //
Mr Doug Doug – that was a crazy game of poker //
Team of Jeremy Roht – Animal Music, Untitled 14 //

{AN} Eel – Yokozuna Mineral Ooze //
Chronices of Jest – The Leaky Ogre Tavern //
White Uploader – Novelty Sex Toys //
MS Blaster – nobody in the zone // Kill Caustic – I got //
McZee – creating a thing //
229 – The Maternal // Funny Factory – coded spinal injury (Original) //
Start-Up シーケンス – Caffeine Poisoning //
Suzanne Ciani – Fish Music //
Joaquín Orellana – Las voces del Río Negro // OneyMusic – Holi Frig //

BotanicSage [BS] – Truck almost stoles, GoFundMe Link in the description //
Vziel – 2017-VI-05 // Ken Timber – Hospital of Terror Blues //
Ola Saad – game1 // Kenzievaness – cooking in the kitchen //
Appaloosa – The day we fell in love (Todd Edwards Liturgical Mix) //
Johanna – whistling in the shower //

Mire Fixtape – Anyway, Here’s Broken Dreams //
the bizniss – bathroom recordings //
Le Forte Four – Enough Fun/That Feedback Again //
Satsuki Shibano – Danses De Travers (Pieces Froides) 1897 (Erik Satie) // Justin Marc Lloyd – Window Voice ☄ //

/f – 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96% //
Tom Clark – In bloom (Nirvana cover) //
Yheti & Space Jesus – Believe Yeah //
dr quinn, medicine woman – Shaqrifice //
Jason Lescalleet – 3 //
noise collector – snakes //
csaszi – angry snake hiss pass long // 7h3h – snake //
The smudge – Frozen Wisconsin vampire snake //
Ana María Romano G. – posdomingo 02.10.2016 //
Ronald – butt trumpet (elf dub) // Héctor Rey – Vestdalsá

Voices: Emma

Agnès Pe, 2017
(Buenos Aires, AR)

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