The man behind G.E.K. is Adam Frankiewicz. He is one of the outstanding exponents of the current Polish wave of young musicians, who use the cassette tape as their (publishing) medium. This audio collage works on various levels. Of course it is, as you will hear, an exiting and energetic mix and as such it can be seen as a mixtape of sorts. Superated that level there is the confluence of audio snippets from different origins. Movie scores and contemporary trash music leak through the audio lines, and once the crack widenes one can envision piles of VHS cassettes and old tapes in a cardboard box. If you allow the sounds of the audio-mix to push you into a more contemporary direction, they offer a very small glimpse of how the present generation of youngsters analyses and regroups the remains of a different culture, that once determined life in their country. O yes, this is the sound of transition, and it is a very hopeful sound.


A short note by Adam Frankiewicz:

“Grupa Etyka Kurpina explores the techniques of audio collage, and plunderphonics using cut samples from audio tapes, VHS, field recordings, improvisation-based tape loop, and magnetophones feedback. Assembled live using tape recorders.”

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