Mitt Paté #19 by Agnès Pe – I Hear a Symphony

Running around, wide-eyed, open circle-boingboing, we hang from a rubber belt. The world is a bad whisper.

The Queen anthem, finally, here’s the version that should be played in every stadium.

The motorgang argues over a quarter-pounder hamburger. Stomach moves, dub-step burbs, that’s how we pray nowadays. The merry-go-round dropped acid.

My first Vespa. Rome is so great.

When gypsies walk backwards they look like arabs disappearing in the rain. The real estate agent showed the bathroom and sang ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ You should have seen him move. But the next thing he fell down the stairs, and hopbummed into the garden on his ass as if he was riding a horse. Funny guy.  We ended up partying. But the apartment sucked.

The neighbour girl has such a lovely voice. She is a lousy cook. But her voice is heavenly. She continues singing when she feeds the burned dish to the birds on her balcony. The birds love her. The birds sit on the washing line and sing for her, long sustained tunes. The older guy who lives next to her talks about the book he reads. She eats a cracker.

Aerobics in the middle of the shopping mall. Running waiters. It looks like modern ballet from forty years ago. I hear a symphony.


Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee – Despacito // Novonski – Monster Eject // Hugh Davies – Shozyg 1 & 2 // Explore toi – Manifest, The Cyberminds & Mobile Squatt Base “Urban Groove” // Cool 3D – The Choir // Cybe – The moon is shining above the rice fields // Bob Cobbing – Marvo movie natter //

FKN FK – Queen under autotune // J. L. Moesgaard – Sig Farvei // CopKiller – Jawn 3-16 // Digital Natives – Mouthwash // Cabo Boing – Upsy // CVN – Next Snippets of Hope // Mattin – Die form, die sich selbst formt // Sudden Infant – Sudden frequency // Vagidictoris – Eye of the tiger //

HVAD – Hvad Raga 1 (pt 2) // Dj New Jersey Drone – Cell dope one // Toiwinkuru – ガ オガオピョノイズ // Bob Desaulniers – Translucent Envelope (A16) // Si Despacito fuera sinfónica // Sol Rodriguez – Despacito (capela) // Aimée van de Wiele – Le livre d’or du clavecin // Peter Zinovieff – agnus Dei // Xenox Kamikadze – make tv-set, green bubblegum discount // Meme Vivaldi – intro 0 //

Rot in Space – slayer swamp attack // Marc Sabat – Spectral Canon No. 1 (for James Tenney) // The Beatles – Revolution #9 // Computer recordings for children – musical instruments // Dürenbersög – i discovered the real future // Graciela Paraskevaídis – libres en el sonido, presos en el sonido // Galen Tipton – Wüshù pack // Dj Juren – aparelhagens do part // Unconscious collective – 中国制造 // M. Nomized – Karl Heinz Ketchupausen // Evolution Control Committee – Fucking Moon

Voices: Emma
Agnès Pe, 2017 (Lleida)

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