Lord Litter’s second part of the special on Don Campau leads us from the years of punk to the years of, yes what..transition? Our LL has selected songs that point out the skills of Don as a guitar player, but also as a lyricist. Starting in the early 1980s the compositions still follow the different genre’s of that time, but once the cassettes started to fill the postbox, Don Campau gives way to more experiments. I especially like the “complex” compositions that bear traces of the American musical, that, in my humble opinion, give an insight in the still young history of the United States of America, and more specific, the state of California, where Don resides. But most of all it is joy that prevailes, the joy of playing music, the joy of creating such music.


1. The Desmonds – Crime is a Punishment
2. The Desmonds – Now Ain’t That
Cd-R – Live Happy And Be Stupid

3. Don Campau – Hard One – MC – Lonely Whistle

4. Don Campau – Come on Leader
5. Don Campau – Hey Moyo
MC – Be Where You Least Expect

6. Don Campau – Bells Behind The Machinery
7. Don Campau – Pinata Party
double MC – Pinata Party

8. Don Campau – Right Now
9. Don Campau – Helter Skelter/ It’s alright charlie
MC – Transition Man
Jan Bruun / Watching Satan

10. Chris Campau & Don Campau – Power of Now
CD-R – Chris Campau: The Joy We Have

11. Nicole Campau – Thanks
12. Nicole Campau – New Fashion
MC – Nicole Campau: The Old Guard

13. Robin O’Brien – Sadie Testamony
MC – Robin OBrien: Songs For Sadie

14. Don Campau – So I pretend to be
CD-R – Beyond Fake

15. Greg Gray & Don Campau – Swell
forthcoming, rough mixes, outtakes 2017

All material now available on CD-R
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