Jason Honea meets Nikolas Schreck

Jason Honea, who gave us so many fine hours with his Brave Ear shows, met up with Nikolas Schreck. California born and raised Nikolas Schreck’s father was a manager of famous and less famous musicians. Count Basie put young Nikolas’s hands on the keyboard of the piano. Vincent Price had some talks with him.

In this show Nikolas elaborates on the notion of sonic magic and the song as a micro-cosmos. We hear an eye-witness account of a punk concert evening in Los Angelas’ legendary venue the Whiskey-a-Go-G0, and a bootleg recording from that very concert. Steve McQueen, Sharon Tate, some mafia typecasted nightclub heavies, Charles Manson, Joan Jett and Kim Fowley enter the story with remarkable ease, and each of those persons takes us to another story out of Schreck’s memory.

You want to hear more background information about Charles Manson? Listen to this show, where even Christopher Lee makes a guest appearance.

All through the show tracks from Nikolas’ new ep are played.


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