Seasonal confusion on a hot day
and that’s how you get
seasons in the sun.

The hound of the baskervilles
sold industrial sewing machines

The six-year old listens to the radio
and they play See this my son by Perry East

Working one distance away
because we need to get up early,
learn German and love French.

Jesus came to Brighton to read the Tarot Card.
He was from not long ago.
Channel four did a documentary on him, the Siberian Jesus.

He knew what happened after death.
He appeared in different places at once
and that’s how he raped her.

The teacher didn’t know.
Nobody remembers the charisma
eat the bla bla and listen to a song
by Ras Putin before they fly to Venus.

There is no light in space.


The scratched vinyl show is part of a series. Adrian plays tracks from records he found or bought on flea markets or abandoned on the streets. Each song takes him to a memory or a story




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