Taishi Nagasaki, our cook in residence is back with a brand new show. Here are his warm words of welcome:

“Hallo,Listeners, Happy New Year
How was your NYE? Hope you had a good fun then and this year will be something for you.

So at the 1st Radio show 2014, I would like to introduce a band I found in the end of last year.


The name called “Takfarinas” from Algerian 70’s.These guys are the most impressive from my music research in the end of the year, thanks to my friend Rula.

Picture 1

anyway, I am not good at explaining something, but will try my best.
Lets listen to the great music by them together thru the radio with lunch.


time : EVERY TUESDAY from 13:00-14:00/DE,12:00-13:00/UK,