The third show by our man in Montreal, Junie Crawford. Here’s an other attempt to break through the borders of music. After a fierce discussion with guitar and drums, Junie leaves the studio and enters the periphery of awareness. Did he enter the zone between life and death where all sounds lay down to die?

In his own words

marantz pmd222, logic pro x, a guitar i bought at 17,
a radio i lost on the last tour,
2 years of Exhaustion, metro outremont at Nighttime,
many nights into morning, 10 years of Care,
thinking about not thinking about It, c
assettes, Money, voicemails, train tickets,
6 kids in the next apartment, Villeray, Outremont,
a vicious kid and a million ugly days.

my Mom, New Jersey & New York & Pennsylvania,
every friend, every disappointment, every bully,
my 22nd birthday, and Kate Gompert.

No direction, y’all know best.




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