Where-in Lord Litter virtually reconstructs a bar in Berlin. It’s a place where people talk more and smoke less. There is no wi-fi signal, and the clients are encouraged to leave the smart phones and tablets at home. Old friends talk about old times, and when the new times press their noses against the window, also the spleen of today gets discussed over a glass of beer. The music that sounds over the thirty year old loudspeakers is produced in a garage or in a small home studio. No majors will be heard here. In weekends a band plays, it is still possible, because the neighbors know that the neighborhood can’t do without a bar like this one. It is their Kneipe. Welcome to the Lord Litter Café. Ask for it the next time you visit Berlin.

1. Ward Of Cause – Belly
2. Ward Of Cause – A Kind Word (excerpt)
1/2 CD Antinomy

>> Cassette Culture Node.Linz (Crowdfunding)
3. Monochrome Blue – Shino – Compilation/Tape Insomnia Vol. 1
4. Monochrome Blue – What is a Linz – Compilation/Tape MIRAGE/Cause & Effect

> John Armstrong Interview Part One: Electric Bohemia
5. The Speed Of Sound – Only Everything
6. The Speed Of Sound – The Moment is now
7. The Speed Of Sound – Always seems to fall
5-7 LP with Bonus CD – Everything Changes
ELECTRIC BOHEMIA – art community

8. Hal McGee – Bohemian with a good credit rating (excerpt) – CD – 59 years old kid with a tape recorder

9. The NoMen – Swinging for Jesus
10. The NoMen – Goose Bumps
9/10 CD – Dawn Of The NoMen

11. The Dalton Correction – Vertiginosa – LP – Beware of Yarara

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