Mitt Paté #22 by Agnès Pe – War on Christmas

This is cruel, dear listener. It is as cruel as eating murdered animals or celebrating the birth of a kid who escaped from genocide. It is as cruel as christmas decoration and as cruel as being crucified by ISIS.

This is an example of bad taste. It tastes as bad as spending millions with your blessed credit card. It tastes as bad as all the shows you see on TV or the songs you are forced to listen to in the shopping streets of your town.

This is sickening. It is as sickening as dressing up like father Christmas. It is as sickening as last christmas.

Your stomach will agree.


The Energizer – It’s Christmas Fucking Time! =D // Watabou – Carol of the Bells [Sequencer Heaven Edition] // The Toilet – I’m dreaming of a Brown Christmas // Mchaosg – whispmas // Negativland – jingle farts // Wolf in Angel clothing – It’s not even fucking christmas // Sillborn Granny – fucking around the christmas tree // Miniflex – for a lovely bust line // Honk Collective – Have yourself a Merry fucking Christmas // Mariah Carey – Oh Santa! // Ufo’s – Rock the jingle bells // Aunt Margaret – Jingle Bells // A beautiful lotus – Jingle Bells /

/ Carbodiophone III – Merry Fucking Christmas // Scissor Shock – White Christmas // Party horn effect sound // Flogsade 5 – WHY IS EVERYONE POSTING CHRISTMAS MEMES ITS FUCKING OCTOBER // Word or Object – Love Expressed in Tortured Lust // kfaraday – ☕ soundclown relaxation chamber. ☕ // Breakdancing Ronald Reagan – I saw mommy kissing santa clause // The circulatory system – Joy to the world // Anally aborted fetus – Rudolph the Redness Crackhead // Computer Jesus Refrigerator – Nam Wons eht Yts Orf // Gary Noland – Twiggy Little Weeny-Bopper Benders Op. 106 // Ate Bit – Oh Ganja tree // Chance the Rapper – Chi town Christmas // THENOISER – jingle bells // sc.Dave! – IT’S FUCKING CHRISTMAS // Carbodiophone III – All I Want For Christmas is the abolition of imperialist white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarc // I cut people & ellipse elkshow – sounds yummy // Bob Rivers – Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire // De toppers – All I want for Christmas /

/ Kim Cascone -DMZspace // Pan Daijing – Practice of Hygiene 洁净之 // Merzbow – Silent Night // Changster DJ – Merry Fucking Christmas // Kindergarten Hazing Ritual – I’m Sorry You Got Your New Years Kiss From Anna Nicole’s Corpse // David Banner Ft Marcus & Sky – The Christmas Song // Augie Rios – Donde esta Santa Claus // Martian – Car pass // Acclivity – Christmas Cancelled // Miastodzwiekow – christmas decoration // Wjoojoo – xmaseve // O Christmas Tree // Carmsie – gothic Christmas // Air Media – Merry Christmas // Mchaosg – china christmas // Phineas and Ferb – I Really don’t hate Christmas // Zoe Fitzgerald – Christmas // 50 ways to kill me – Deck the Halls with Poison Ivy // Holder – Sleigh Ride (Multi-Genre Remix) (Christmas Special) // Tortoiseshell Male – Christmas Eulogy: deck the halls // Fucking Illusion – Creepy Christmas // The Pikachu Death Ray Explosion – oh, holy night // Mono Clarific – Santa Clause is Robbin’ Yo Shit // Multithinder227 – Christmas // Los Navedinos – Macarena Christmas
Voices: Emma
Agnès Pe, 2017



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