Anders Östberg – Down to my very last tear : : Part 2: The sun went away

Every seven months Anders Östberg sends in a one hour mix of songs and sounds taken from his vast collection of singles and lp’s. He started in April 2014. Each show has a different theme. This time he decided to compile a follow up to his garageband obscurities. Each heart can be broken an infinite amount of times and the sea of tears will never dry up.

Don’t put your head between your knees, stand up and celebrate your misery. Rejoice. Dance.

Anders simply says:

“Second installment in my series. More gloom, doom and despair from basements fifty years ago.”

Intro – Whitewood
I Don’t Care – Gord’s Horde
It Doesn’t Matter – Mystic Fire
I Can’t Stop Now – Lonely Souls
I’ve Seen Darker Nights – Facts Of Life

A Thought For You – Young Men
Only Once – Satisfactions
The World I’ve Planned – Oxford Five
King In His World – Possums
Back Again – Uncivilized

The Sun Went Away – Bounty Hunters
Clouds Won’t Shine – Gaunga Dyns
Sweet Love – Page Boys
By The Sea – In-Vaders
I Told A Lie – Sound Of The Seventh Son

Back Street Blues – The Backstreet Boys
That Girl – In-Vaders
Calico – Sultans Five
Going Back – Room 10
She Already Has Somebody – Enfields

She’s Gone – Eye Zooms
Now – Mere Existence
Everything Is Blue – Mad Lads


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