Junie is our youngest programmaker. He will muse on his age in the words below. These words are now deeply rooted in the years 2016-2018. One day they will be history. Junie’s shows reflect transitory moments, a present that is about to fertilise the past.

In his own words:

“Most of this material is scrounged from a bedroom in Hochelaga, 2016. It was a record I made the summer of my 20th year, when I wasn’t much worried about anything but selling enough weed to keep buying and getting my shit together enough to tour. I liked the record, but nothing really came of it – understandably, the material is so unsure of itself, how could anyone else be expected to connect.”

“But it meant something to me. It still does, almost 2 years later, as I approach the end of my time in this city.”

“I don’t know. I keep wanting to book-end things. I keep wanting to shut the door and get unabashedly older. But it hangs on, still. The music, the images in my head, the friends that don’t call anymore.”

“I wish I had something better for it. I wish I had some proof of my Self at different moments. I guess I’m just glad for this, and I want to transmit it: this happened. I happened. I’m still happening.”

“Much love to anyone that listens to these shows. I hope they mean something to you.”


“$60,000 in student debt, a trip to Ontario, the good cash suit, dreaming about Nancy, shot myself in the leg, a statue of a halved person, poured out money, an open heart, Bob Ashley, empty highway, county pride, the mystery of America, spread out bedsheets, a sagging neckline, another bedframe, more people, my 2005 honda civic and my kid sister’s 18th birthday.”

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