19th century seance – the dead – moving tapes – everything is frozen – concrete dinosaurs – feeling your inner skeleton – death is alive – talking about Tiepolo – mummies in Thailand – Japanese invasion in the studio – The Andy Birtwistle moment – Heiligensee in Stasiland – where is North – don’t drink tapehead cleaner –

First tape played

Erik Levander – couesnon, released by katuktu collective

Swedish made easy for foreigners – ether anal kunde = ancient anal science – skeden spaelet = playing with skulls – discussing ambience only to bring in the Eno cards – picking Eno cards – Just Carry On – open heart surgery by the three year old daughter – German gift guess – why do people play end of the world sound of music kind thing – the end of the world in the past – thinking music – Sweden sinks slowly in the sea – Tragic romance in Paris and a guy with rats, the recording of a storm – Pigalle – anatomy of a tape – 7th of May 2010 says the old Maxell tape, Schlucki –

Second tape played

Brian Ledwidge Flynn – Recording of a Berlin Storm, released by Magnetic State

Love storms – Love Lightning – Love Doners – Sounds that come with the End of the World – harsh protestant upbringing – living with a 25kg Bible – Storms are not very catholic – Cold churches with lightning behind the window and the sermon starts by priest playing this tape.

Papal intermezzo – The story of Pope Rinus or how to reorganise the Vatican

Third tape played

Gintas K & Roomet Jakapi – I will loose it / Unititled, released by powdered hearts records

<Adrian and Rinus doing the voice thing>

Overtone singing in the pipes of the Pompidou Centre for cleaning purposes – description of little overtone singing men chasing spiders with little brooms – ritualistic sort of thing to bless the listeners –

Fourth tape played

Beauty School – Crust Immersed, released by Weird Ear Records

Buildings collapsing – play inside garbage collector – not saying the things you say – having fun in an iron factory while dismantling the end of the world – paypal nightmares – enter your code in Ireland – real person,real person, real person, real person, real person – it is always now, and always now starts again – the number 8 is female and how to seduce her – the pirinciple of eternity –


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