Zine-ism, Interview with Nina Prader and John Z Komurki


Nina Prader runs Lady Liberty Press. John Z Komurki, among other things, has written a book, called Stationery Fever.

Both, now residents of Berlin, care for printed matter and a lot of things that come with it. You think it is boring to talk about pencils? Wait until you hear John bring in stories about John Steinbeck, Napoleon and Freud.

And after the pencils are sharpened, the conversation takes us to the zine. Who, why, why not, where, what and what else. Digital versus analogue. The tactile and the deletable world, the sense of freedom, the punk era, Boston hardcore protestants and Mexican poets.

The inkwell doesn’t dry up.

Listen to the end and you might want to make a zine yourself, or write a letter, and apply for a membership’s card.


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