Introduction, how to pick a tape blindfolded – Introduction, Prinzessengarten flea market story: the children cassette player/recorder – Introduction, the children cassette player description and demonstration – selling white cabbage from a truck in Rumania – licking the toy cassette player – Adrian does Mark E Smith – Mr. Pharmacist – 1.May experiences and talks and deep insight information from the hot spot Berlin – pagan festivities and sex – the pope having sex with the altar boys – three girlfriends born on 1.May – this is still the introduction –

Heidseck – Trees, released by Subsidence

Grey tape, font, sticker, photograph, another sticker, download code – Shadows, Germination, Section, Roots, Leaves, Rings – Budding girlfriends – 1.May Tape – more toy cassette recorder noises – dislocated members and metal false teeth – wankelstrasse – discovery of the occult colonies of Germany – struggling with new microphones – black comedy – the death of Stalin vs the death of Lenin and how they stuffed Lenin – a dog inside a pig inside a turkey for Queen Victoria’s birthday – Napoleon in Egypt and the big black Phallus – how to talk hieroglyph – Rinus explains Exodus – Rinus explains how Egypt became a big thing in Europe and everyone wanted a mummy –

Dad in the office and a cup of soup and life insurance magazines for young hormones – cupposoup overdose – sniffing cupposoup –

Alan Dunn and Claire Potter – Under Under Under, released by Cantaudio

blank and grey tape, nice picture, a tiny green bus, Claire Potter is on the bus, description of the smell of paper, Adrian reads a Mersey tunnel commute report on the 433 bus – Adrian reads in Scottish accent and Rinus hums – Claire Potter is great – Counting Potters – Paulus Potter –

Well… – Winston Churchill on the Mersey bus gets Hitler out of the country by driving him from A to B – Adrian plays Babooshka – Kate Bush’s face on the oven glove – The Soviet soldier memory in Berlin – Babooshka woman on the Museuminsel bridge and crisscrossing family relations –

Lea Bertucci – All That is Solid melts into Air, released by NNA Tapes

Lea in concert at West Germany, Berlin and Rinus buys a tape – Brexit mumbles – erotic unpacking sounds – budding – nice and worth the 6€ – Adrian deciphers the inlay text – delicately printed – songs in Adrian’s mind and he starts to sing them – windmills in his mind –

Adrian and Rinus sing Don’t Cry for me Argentina –

Adrian explains why a packet with a cassette on will for ever be kept at the customs – from Singapore…wow! – We have a listener in Singapore – exaltation – sending sound waves to Singapore – Singapore, Singapore, Singapore – Adrian breaths in the atmosphere of Singapore – Singapore, Singapore, Singapore – smell a taxi, stamps, chicken, some kind of insects, spiders – Adrian reads again – panic, panic, something fell on the floor – a creature crawls in the corner – end of the cave story – Adrian continues reading and singing kimbarella, kimbarella, kimbarella – and continues reading

Guide to Bizarre Behavior Volume 5 released by ShanGoril La Records

growing hair and sparkling nails, Marc Bolan jacket – 1960s – it took that long to arrive in Berlin, the guy at the customs – moon landing – Adrian was two years old when the tape was made – the envelope that can send you back to Singapore 1969 is still available, time travelling service – Adrian starts singing again, in the year 2525 – Adrian continues singing, in the year 2525 – Rinus joins – there is the toy cassette player again, it has a microphone – Adrian and Rinus disappear into space with Singapore Airlines –

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