Regular listeners to Brave Ear Radio might start to wonder if the shows are not an ongoing attempt to re-create an All-American setting in which the host Jason Honea finds himself with two strangers. “Howdy stranger, what brings you into town?”

The Brave Ear Show is a myth akin to The Great American Novel, and yet Jason tries to create it time and time again.

On this show the strangers are Joke Lanz, known in another world for his bruitist art and noises as Sudden Infant or as the time-travelling 76 year old punk Charles Moneypenny. As himself he plays records, sometimes DJ, sometimes to make them talk and squeek and scream. Joke talks about his memories of Berlin by the wall, highlights some landmarks of his career and brings a lot of records to take you on a magic carpet to the olden days to a mythical land where everybody lays.

The second guest is Mat Pogo. Mat Pogo sometimes has a beard. And sometimes he hasn’t. He also wears different hats. All this has nothing to do with the fact that he is one of the most exciting voice and noise acts in Berlin. Are there keywords to understand or describe his work? Keystone cops, la linea, Marinetti, punkapunka, pumpa la trippa?
And then we didn’t even mention the comic strips he designs!

Brave Ear Show with Joke Lanz and Mat Pogo broadcasts all through December on Thursday 16:00-18:40 Berlin time