electro-haram and beyond

New to Radio On and so beautiful. We open up to the east and welcome electro-haram. They find sounds on sidewalks, in abandoned houses, in cardboard boxes under an office desk, behind the wallpaper, in chimneys, but also in less profanic places like flea markets or thrift stores.
The show will be a first in a series. Every-day-situations or other conversations and musics from a near or distant past are brought to life again. Electro-haram is a time-travelling experience into post soviet times and maybe even beyond.

In their own words.
“electro-haram is a post-music project working in mixed techniques including but not limited to sound collage, appropriation, field recordings and readymade. most of the material was found on various media including dictophone cassettes, reel-to-reel and anwsering machine tapes as well as samples from religious, ritual and oriental music.”

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