31. January, Kyiv – Kiev – Interview


We don’t have any intention to join the exclusive four star hotellounge world of journalism, but when we have a friend in a country that is constantly been reported about, we would like to hear how he is, and how the situation in his hometown influences his daily life.


“You cannot stay in,” was his first comment. He had been out on the streets for the last weeks. We spoke to Dmytro via skype while it was relatively calm in Kiev. He talks about the political situation, about the spreading revolts, about being on the streets, in fact, about any level of reality he is surrounded by.


Some links send by Dmytro:

english speaking news group

A video from the hardest day 22.01 when four boys were killed by police

This video shows how police behaves (these days we have -20°C outside)

“Also police uses water against us, no matter that it’s deadly cold. Today we know that one man died because of this.”

This is how main part (central square) looks 

These are photos from the street and the main fights with police.

The interview will be transmitted today Friday 31.January at 22:00-22:35 Berlin Time, Saturday 1.February at 04:00, 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00, Monday 3. February at 21:00, Tuesday 4. february at 02:00 and at 04:00, Wednesday 5. February at 04:00 all Berlin time.
(count -6 for east coast, -9 for west coast, -3/-4 south america, -7 Mexico City, +6 Japan, +8 Australia) +1 for Kiev.
The next interview is scheduled for the 4th or 5th of February, after the end of the ultimatum.
(You will hear Dmytro also talk about this of course in the interview this evening.)