June Crawford says:

Aluminum / Alabaster; Staircase made of plywood, thought I saw you on the street. I had a copy of Corinthians in the car with me. I called out across the lake but it didn’t make it, hit the end and came back to me alone. You looked like you were laughing. The civic rattled on the highway all the way home, wasn’t made for this winter and it’s showing. Crack in the windshield’s growing all the time. Emptied the bank for rent today, I don’t know how I’m going to afford this too. My head is a drain circling. My mom says paying bills is forever. My grandma says heaven feels like nothing real.

This episode features elements of:
The Books “A Little Longing Goes Away”
Takako Minekawa “Plash”
Boundary “Supongo”
Samuel Tornqvist “Bionic Flavors”
David Foster Wallace “Infinite Jest” (pg. 17-27)

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