Jason Honea talks with three members of the industrial ensemble Last Dominion Lost. Julian Davis Percy, John Murphy and Jon Evans are from Australia, which is very far away from Europe. All three of them live in Berlin. I have no idea what Jason will ask or talk about: the sinister legacy of Nazi German that spooks around in the peripheria of the collective subconscious, Australian wild life or the hipsterisation of Berlin underground. You will for sure hear a lot of the musique noir by Last Dominion Lost.

Here’s a short Blurb about Last Dominion Lost

“Last Dominion Lost has existed since 1992, formed out of the ashes of Merge (a project created by Dominik Guerin, founding member of SPK, and Jon Evans). With the inclusion of John Murphy (ex-SPK, Whitehouse, Current 93, Death in June), the transition was complete. In April of 1992 the recording sessions for what was to become „The Tyranny of Distance“ began (released on Germany’s Tesco Records). 16 years later, the opportunity arose to reform the slumbering project. With the welcome addition of Ash Wednesday (Crashlands, Einstürzende Neubauten) and Julian Percy (Ratbag) initial recordings and rehearsals began in May of 2008.”

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