Jason Honea has been with Radio On for quite some years now. An entertaining host, full of stories and anecdotes he created a welcoming and warm environment for his guests in everyone of his illustrous Brave Ear radio shows. Covid pushed the Radio On team out on the streets. Jason’s knowledge of Berlin history got us a growing number of Radio On Historic shows. Now he is ready to walk with you and show you, but also inform you about some known and unknown angles of Berlin.

In his own words:

I was born on Whidbey Island, Washington in 1965. Keyed into my musical side at an early age, my art life and street life reflected this enthusiasm in both love and wonder. Cleaning up creeks and forming bands remain as two of my top favorite things! I’m a history hobbyist, wanderer, singer, music maker, and drawer as well as a piscean art teacher living and working in Berlin.
A tour guide since 2010, I can offer a variety of different tours including but not necessarily restricted to Berlin city history, neighborhood histories, street art and Berlin music walks. I love this place in all its seasons and would love to show you what it is I’ve experienced and learned in my time here namely that grand synthesis of what no longer exists and what is yet to come.

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