Introducing: Rekem Records

To listen click here Rekem records was started by Nicolas Malevitsis, Thalia Raftopoulou and Angelos Theodorou in 2012. Kostis Kilymis got involved later. Thalia and Angelos were close friends who had been running this blog here and Thalia had just recorded an "ethnographic" field recording of a tribe living behind her fridge in Leipzig. This became … Continue reading Introducing: Rekem Records

The Tape Review Show – The Joy of Isolation

To listen click here Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek did a Tape Review Show on the last day of 2020, a few hours before the last sunset of the year. You need to wait at least twenty minutes to hear the tape, which is called The Joy of Isolation, released by Aural Detritus. Well, … Continue reading The Tape Review Show – The Joy of Isolation

Dom Zero presents Closed Circuits, 2

To listen click here Somewhere in the non audience world of intelligent noise music there were fans and friends who had heard of the annual now defunct sonic circuit festival in Washington DC. The festival was the work of a small group of friends. Those friends gathered again during the covid crisis. In the back … Continue reading Dom Zero presents Closed Circuits, 2

Angelo Bignamini introduces Nausea.

Here's a new feature on our radio, an introduction to small artist-run labels. Angelo Bignami has the première. His words and tracklist. nausea. is a no-profit micro-label releasing tape music, concrete musique and experimental. Every contribution is an expression of a nausea de vivre. nausea. also organized events and concert in north emilia romagna region … Continue reading Angelo Bignamini introduces Nausea.