2020 – The Outdoor Talks

To listen click here 2020 was the year that the city of Berlin had a weak pulse. We could hardly receive guests at our studio. Once the threat from the invisible world entered our lives, we decided to go out and record our shows in the open. We started in the last days of February. … Continue reading 2020 – The Outdoor Talks

Shephard & van Alebeek – Lockdown 2.0

To listen click here Shephard and van Alebeek sit in the park, and have a chat like people in the park do. They didn't go walk their dog. The proud founders of Radio On meet in the park to discuss life and all it has to offer. The new Lockdown feels familiar. Life has changed … Continue reading Shephard & van Alebeek – Lockdown 2.0

Radio On (out of it) – Life behind the mask

An intermezzo that starts with some thoughts on cassette cases from recycled plastic and how to submit your tape. The scent of Lilac has changed Berlin. Adventures in a supermarket, danger at the metro station: life behind the mask. Check the schedule for broadcast hours Please get in touch if you like to present your … Continue reading Radio On (out of it) – Life behind the mask

Radio On Outside – Conversations

In the first months of the year 2020 a virus raged around the world. People died. People were at risk. Governments worked together with experts. Newspapers filled their pages with the subject. People lived in quarantaine. It was forbidden to meet in groups of three and more. Everybody should keep distance. Adrian Shephard and Rinus … Continue reading Radio On Outside – Conversations