nazlo still exists in 2021

To listen click here Our correspondent in Moscow was locked in by snow and ice. Still he managed to get a show together. In a one hour mix you hear recent and upcoming releases from Nazlo Records. Voices by random and not so random people were added in between tracks. Tracklist Memory Fail Safe feat. Shostakovich … Continue reading nazlo still exists in 2021

Nazlo Records presents 9/11 – live experimental music from Moscow

To listen click here It all happened on 9/11, dear radio on diary, you probably could guess why - I mentioned there are two towers not far from each other (but not close) almost in the center of Moscow, the first is our noise studio and solitude castle \ summer satanic yoga outdoor studio and the … Continue reading Nazlo Records presents 9/11 – live experimental music from Moscow

Wassily Bosch presents schizoisolation

To listen click here noise-in-quarantine mix of live performances on a very unusual guy's kitchen - a great night with cops called by neighbours and all this schizolation mix I - music finally forbidden for medical reasons almost two hours of intolerable sounds from behind the iron anti-virus curtain presented by wassily bosch this material … Continue reading Wassily Bosch presents schizoisolation