Dai Coelacanth – Return of the Cosmic Scorpion

Do Dai Coelacanth's contributions to Radio On evolve into a sci-fi radioplay, a discardable walkman's alternative to all paytv's series? Be your own detective. Read his words. Maybe they sound familiar. Susan had joined a show band. I was asked to play trumpet. Not in the band. They wanted me to stand in a shop … Continue reading Dai Coelacanth – Return of the Cosmic Scorpion

The Nikolas Schreck Show – #OccupyBBC

Nikolas Schreck and Ania PsH present a revolutionary action. Dressed up like militants they manage to time travel to 1968. They storm the BBC studio, interrupt a program hosted by an outdated BBC presenter (Adrian Shephard) and take over. They start a revolution, drop LSD, and then it goes into orbit, far out. So, Tune … Continue reading The Nikolas Schreck Show – #OccupyBBC