Andreas Glauser, one of the constitutive members of Brainhall Art Productions, is a new programmer here on Radio On. His first feature on the duo Splitter is a fine example of monolithic radio making. Maybe it is because he has been surrounded by Swiss Mountains all of his life, that he compiled such a strong and deeply in traditional radio rooted program. You can almost hear nightly short wave signals press against and sometimes enter the frequencies.

Imagine you and an old transistor, trying to find that one program that takes you further into the strange world of sounds. Move the dial over the yellow lights, the exotic stations, and then pick up a clear signal: Brainhall Art Productions.

In Andreas’ words
“We present the project Splitter. Splitters are Marc Lardon (bass clarinet, electronics, Tape Loops) and Andreas Glauser (manipulated electronic tools & organ, Arp Odyssee Synthesizer).
We listened to the concert of Splitter, which was recorded on 4 November 2011 and January 30, 2013 at the Theater Chur.”

First Broadcast Thursday 12. February at 20:00-21:00 BerlinTime, for further broadcast hours please check our schedule The time indications are BerlinTime World time