June Crawford – Garden.95 (Teenager 2014)

June Crawford picks up his guitar, a book, and as time disappears, a melancholy mood sneaks in. Something is happening on the front porch...what is it? In his own words "the spirit; new apartment; none pride; a guiding light; spat 'bacca; all cash; bad fantasy; ugly double; pleased to be; no i; ruth; nancy; katie; … Continue reading June Crawford – Garden.95 (Teenager 2014)

Agnes Pé – Mitt Paté Number 25

This is episode 25 of Agnes' series of mixes wherein music hallucinates its own existence and dreams of its future. It is a joyous new show, this celebrative moment. All the windows are open. Sunlight streams in. The last residues of last night's tear gas tickle the trees and the birds: coughing birds, crying birds, … Continue reading Agnes Pé – Mitt Paté Number 25

Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté (Revolution)

The past and the future are like a blank canvas. You can put as many colors and images and abstract designs on it as you like. You can repeat this every day again, and every day the past and the future will look different. In a hypothetical past designs and icons, ideas and legends, belief … Continue reading Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté (Revolution)

Mitt Paté by Agnès Pe – Sales!

- explosions in the suburb - aircycling with ET - a ventriloquist suffers from hyperventilation - dinosaur dance in a nike commercial - the lovely rubber alien who lives in the bubblegum machine - gps for cocks - and then, on the way home, lost in thoughts, the streets lose their way, walk, think, dream … Continue reading Mitt Paté by Agnès Pe – Sales!

Junie Crawford – Transmission 5, Nancy

Another intimist portrait of life in the early stages of the 21st century somewhere in the northern parts of the Americas by our collaborator Junie Crawford. The episode links the oral tradition of the firm twentieth century with the emotional prospects to which the new century opens. Ideas are still amorphous and plans are in … Continue reading Junie Crawford – Transmission 5, Nancy

Junie Crawford – Easy (fourth transmission)

The fourth transmission by Junie Crawford, our man in Montreal. Slowly his radio pieces evolve into fragments of a larger epic story. Those who want to hear, can sense the presence of a wide land with all its history and its future possibilities. A big city in the northern part of the Americas, and a … Continue reading Junie Crawford – Easy (fourth transmission)

Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté 21 (Fuck You the People)

Where does she find all these songs and sounds? How does she manage it to put them in this order? Sensational, impressive, late night walk, mickey mouse t-shirt, kim jung un mask and private chicken too. Mysterious, picknick at hanging rock, chinese new year, a bar full of voices and everybody feels good Yes, we … Continue reading Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté 21 (Fuck You the People)

Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté #20 (memories of 1937)

Have a look at the playlist. Knowledge has many sides. Knowledge is like a car. Go from A to B. Once you arrive, get out, go, explore, don't forget your car keys if you want to get back home. Throw the keys away, or just forget about the car, if you are sure you have … Continue reading Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté #20 (memories of 1937)

Mitt Paté by Agnès Pe – Summer in the City

You are not alone. We are not alone. Agnès Pe also gives her works and talents to the radio from the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrdi. And now she is here with us, to comfort us and to nurture us. Sweet sounds from the Disney world of eternal happyness and perfection, little demons locked up … Continue reading Mitt Paté by Agnès Pe – Summer in the City