Radio Workshops : Share Your Stories

Radio On Berlin provide radio workshops in Schools and Organisations in and around Berlin. Most recent workshops have been for Streit Kultur and Feld Theater für junges Publikum

Radio On Berlin workshops for schools are designed to Develop communication in students for public speaking. The exercises aim to build confidence and work on self expression for beginners and those more experienced in the radio field. The workshops concentrate on both speaking and listening skills. Encompassing an awareness of the current socio-economic and political issues for students to discuss, exchange  and share their views giving students a voice and empowerment platform. We work with cutting edge broadcast technologies and encourage students to take part in all the stages of producing a radio show from interviews to script writing, teamwork, recording and editing and sound design. Workshops help students to learn programming and work with social networks, podcasts and web design.

Please contact Adrian Shephard
for more information.