Rinus Van Alebeek (Berlin)
Live programs, interviews,
tape review show,
audio letters, collages.
Cassette culture.
Historic Berlin.

Adrian Shephard (Berlin)
hosts live transmissions
from concerts, poetry events in Berlin,
tape review show, scratched vinyl.

Wirebender (London)
Sounds from the immense On-U Sound archive. Interviews, book
readings, rare live recordings. Post-punk, reggae dub orientated.

Jason Honea (Berlin)
Interviews/Historic Berlin
Brave Ear Radio.
No Edits show.

Nikolas Schreck (Berlin)
Tunes/Stories/Interviews/Theme Shows/Historic Berlin

Dai Coelacanth (Burslem)
Collage/Cut-up/Travel Report

Philippe Petit (Marseille)
curator of the modulisme series, championing the use of
analog instruments.

Ken Shakin (Berlin)
Sad poetry and song.
Bottled messages & singing mermaids. Words & waves.
Not recommended for the chronically optimistic.
Romano Krzych/ O Reche Modo (Paris/Prague)
antimercial dionysiac omnivorous sonic gesture
Rafael de Toledo Pedroso (Ponta Grossa)
documentary, report
Wassily Bosch (Moscow)
found tapes collage, documentation of concerts

Junie Crawford (Montreal)
Transmission art, sound collage for lonesome crooners out on the Range.
Agnès Pe (Madrid)
Kaleidscopic collage/ Audio Art / Madrid Underground

Lord Litter (Berlin)
Home produced music from around the world/portraits/interviews.

Andreas Glauser (Zürich)
In-depth presentations of the last developments of extreme musics from our man in Zürich

Lepke B (London)
Plundercollage, reform of pop music, hymns, England, the Beast

Antonio Mainenti (Ragusa/Milan)
Radio art: documentary, politics, mockery, radikal Italian music,

Anders Östberg  (Eskilstuna)
A radiophonic collage of 60s and 70s psychedelia and electronic music from very rare vinyls/short wave recordings.

Alan Dunn  (Leeds)
collage, plunderphonics, nostalgics, samples, England, work with students

Harold Schellinx (Amsterdam/Paris)
Sonic actions

William Nurdin (wandering)
The Radio On edition of A Propos de Minos offers a ‘best of’ of this itinerant Radio Show.

Don Campau (Santa Rosa)
The Radio On edition of the long running No Pigeonholes show, with exclusively home-produced music and a firm link to the casstte culture of the 70s and 80′

Taishi Nagasaka (Berlin)
Taishi cooks for and talks with a guest, often plays world music

Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek (Berlin)
Interviews, talks, reviews, soundworks

Anne-F. Jacques (Montreal)
Abstract Radioplay/Collage