As a follow up to the hour dedicated to Dinah Bird’s A Box full of 78s, we played the B-Side of the record and used the locked grooves to create a new view on Dinah’s days and fictional past on Salt Spring Island.

A locked groove is a locked groove on a record. The needle cannot escape from the one single rotation and moves around the center of the album until it has cut through it. Dinah put fragments of the recordings she used for Side A on it.

We played those grooves so that each groove became the point of departure. Adrian played his collection of vintage electronica and obscure self built instruments, did some real time processing; I (Rinus van Alebeek) played tapes with the story of Robinson Crusoe, manipulated some other tapes I picked up at random, read Japanese death poems in English and in Japanese, read fragments from the German translation of The Secret Life of Plants by Bird and Tompkins.

And then? Just listen. It might be the sounds coming out of one of the houses on Salt Spring Island. It might be the sound coming out of a packet that got lost in the post.

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