Forget, but don’t forget entirely about the old times when Adrian’s brother was a priest and liked to dress up with his friends and play some very innocent games.

But old times are here for a purpose. For instance one can say.

Twenty years later..

The guy doing strange finger tricks has gone a long way into AV, the techno world and the works by Illuminatis. And has an incredible amount of tales to tell. Now he is here in the Oranien Studio and shooting it of.

The show starts of with this trilogy.


It goes fast, but it also goes step by step. Alistair Crowley, Golden Submarines, people going mad, the reality of fake vs the fake of reality, techno party adventures in Russia, ketamine, iconic personalities from the world of the occult, the past, present and future of the world wide web, 3D portals opening into the fourth dimension speaking dolphins, a guest appearance by Satan, the soundtrack to an endless ride on the Moscow Underground.

Look at Adrian’s notes.



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