Let’s get this straight right away. One can believe that the earthling known as Leonard Nimoy was a Hollywood actor who got famous for playing the part of Spock in the television series ENTERPRISE, we, from Radio On, know better.

Spock is a real person. Captain Kirk is a real person. The whole crew of Enterprise consists of real persons. They exist. They exist more then Jesus Christ, Mohammed Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald or Buster Keaton ever did.

What do we know about space and its final frontier? What do we know about time warps, anti-matter or the anti-thesis of existence?

We, at Radio On, firmly believe that the Enterprise is on an eternal journey, that, most probably is not eternal at all, but just endless in itself travelling through an elliptic time loop.

Of course these men have adventures. And they are able to communicate those moments in making them appear on our screens.

But what do they do when they are on their own? How do they spend their days.

On Spock’s birthday party we hear Captain Kirk recite Shakespeare and Spock sing like Bob Dylan. They sing in a duet in the monster hit ‘If I had a Hammer,’ and give us mortals something to think about deeply. What you need a hammer for if you’re out in space?

Listen as you are, but don’t forget to watch up there, and know, they are listening too.

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