This is already the third program by Andreas Glauser from Zürich.
Shaped with dedication, patience and an eye for precision Andreas’ radio show slowly finds it format.

We will add to this precision and broadcast the programs
on every Thursday from 20:00-21:00BerlinTime.

The premiere for each new program will be on a Thursday in the middle of the Month.
(They will find also airtime on other days, but those hours can vary from week to week)

Tune in On Thursday 16. April for this new edition.


Word to Andreas:

“Theme of this program:The INSUB META ORCHESTRA presents its third « Archive »,
recorded in the amazing acoustic of the Swiss Radio studio in Geneva during the summer 2014.

Four pieces, two relatively short and one very long,
each of them placing the accent on a particlular and reduced aspect,
silences, uniformity, durations, unisson and contrast.

This « Archive#3″ sees also the return of the orchestra
to structured pieces after a couple of years focused on improvisation.
29 musicians, with a large variety of instruments,
winds, strings, electronics, percussions, an harmonium,
and a good amount of uncategorized objects,
build delicat textures, appearing and returning to the silence,
force the listening to extreme zones,
with a radical position on durations and minimal variations.”




For broadcast hours please check our schedule.