Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – The Generations Unlimited Story, Epilogue

The introductory story to the first part of LL’s trilogy on Generations Unlimited can be read here. The introduction to the second part is found here, and here’s part 3.

In th epilogue LL makes use of radio interviews to compile a portrait of Conrad Schnitzler, his contribution to the manufacture of German kraut, the genesis of Generations Unlimited and his life in West Berlin, a city that doesn’t exist nomore. All this moulded in a piece of radio art that glows and mesemerises like a wood fire.

Word to Lord Litter:

“… the wealth and depth of the Generations Unlimited universe made an epilog inevitable… after finishing the Epilog I realised it became a Conrad Schnitzler dedication.”

“I met Conrad Schnitzler only once – and yes – I brought him tapes from East Berlin – I remember sitting in his kitchen talking to him … Somehow he was all around. I joined Das Freie Orchester from East Berlin after Thomasius and Willner had left..he had *been there* before. His song COCA (which I got to know much later) deals with exactly the same aspect that I was always spreading as an example of how horrible things are on planet earth…”

“I think that Conrad Schnitzler, by the way he worked and lived, became part of worlds culture in a completely different way than records in a conventional collection…in his case its a living culture..”

“I also was reminded again that a completly open mind is pushing culture forward. The White Album by the Beatles had the first ever soundcollage I heard in my life. The album in general has from almost too easy pop (Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da) to soundcollage (Revolution 9) .. while working on this show I realised how much that inspired my whole life…this is how I still compose my general radiowork .. from soft mellow folk to harsh edgy noise..”

“The excerpts of No Pigeonholes are here with permission by Don Campau, who was the one to open many door for me since I met him via the mail in the 1980s…”

Vive La Difference!
Lord Litter, september 2016


1. Tangerine Dream – Genesis – LP – Eletronic Meditation
2. Conrad Schnitzler – Coca – LP – Con3
3. Ken Klinger – No Pigeonholes Intro


4. Conrad Schnitzler – Side B – MC – Red Cassette
5. Conrad Schnitzler – Das Tier – Conrad Schnitzler – CD – Kollektion 5. Compiled and assembled by Thomas Fehlmann
6. Gen Ken & Conrad Schnitzler – Devil Chili Beans


7. Litter Collage created with
– Gen Ken & Conrad Schnitzler – Pictures
– Gen Ken & Conrad Schnitzler – Sticks
– Gen Ken & Conrad Schnitzler – Rechteseite
– Don Campau voice


8. Gen Ken & Conrad Schnitzler – Oh Gott
>> tracks 6 – 8 – MC “GENCON”


9. David Prescott – Walking in Slow Circles Part II (excerpt) – MC – Walking In Slow Circles
10. If, Bwana – AlMar Variation 3, DJ Joe MC – MC – Magnetic Beauty
11. Conrad Schnitzler – Komm mit nach Berlin – CD – Conrad Schnitzler – Kollektion 5. Compiled and assembled by Thomas Fehlmann


12. Das Freie Orchester – Seltsames Leben – unreleased new remastered by Didier Leboz
13. Charles Rice Goff III – Revolution 999 – online


Conrad Schnitzler Video Portrait, in german langugage:
Conrad Schnitzler in Japan, Con-Mythology
Don Campau

Gen Ken Montgomery

Generations Unlimited

If, Bwana / Al Margolis


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