Don Campau – Tout S’en Va

Don Campau is our long time collaborator. He presents tracks from his vast collection of audio cassettes. He received these tapes since the 1970s. Listeners who tune in to his shows mor frequently slowly achieve knowledge about one of the biggest cultural movements that has existed, and in a newer version still exists: the cassette culture. Don is transferring now most of his tapes to Zeppelin City in the deep south of Germany, where they will become part of a cassette culture museum. As a result Don stumbles upon tapes that have been hiding for years in his garage. His skill as a radio DJ, the memories and anecdotes, make every show a great pleasure to listen to.


Klimperei/ Tout S’en Va/ En Regardent Passer Du Temps/ audiofle cassette 1992 USA ( France artist )
James Hill/ Bali Button Lip Service—/ Lonely Whistle cassette/ 1988 USA
Joe Menichetti/ Miami Vibes/ Goos Soup/ Lonely Whistle cassette 1987 USA

Brian Conroy/ Poodle Rockers/ This Time I’ve Gone Too Far/ Lonely Whistle cassette 1987 USA
Geoff X.Alexander/ 666/ Canodromo/ Lonely Whistle cassette 1986 USA
Dan Susnara/ Don’t You Feel Scared / Maypole/ Mumble Mumble cassette 1994? USA

Grainfield/ Last Train Blues/ Acres Of Rust/—cassette 1996 USA
Pandora’s Lunchbox/ Cease Fire/ —/—cassette 1992 USA
X Ray Pop/ Dead Trip/ Level 11/ —cassette 1989? USA ( artist France )

Lawrence Salvatore/ Someone To Be Pitied/ I Say His Flies Are Ersatz/—1988? cassette USA

Russ Stedman/ Screw The Youth/ Someday Ill Be Made Of Rubber/ Jovial Milkman 1998 USA

KD Schmitz/ I Am Fine/ Pleasant Valley Tuesday/TTThings cassette 1998 USA
John Hinds/ Step/ Forward/ Omni Sonic cassette 1988 USA
Mark Hanley/ Word Of Mouth/ Trees/ KX4 cassette 1997 USA

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