Dai Coelacanth – Missing Pagan Satellite Found in Dump

I hope Dai Coelacanth is here to stay with us. He started with accidental travel reports from holidays in Greece and Wales. The sound was raw, brutal, and somewhere hidden in the mesmerising collection of sounds, there was a sense of strangeness combined with the ordinary, that is so typical of foreign places. DC now continues to send in reports from his homeland. Is he a voice artist? I hope not. Does he scare little children? By no means. Does he use material that other people throw away? What a boring question. Is this sound poetry? Listen, why don’t you go back to your collection of smart-ass books on sound art.

Dai’s words

“Dead fish rule the after-life ignoring full stops and cobwebs existing on bootlegs and pirate cassettes where’s the coffin you promised me? ”

on 9th of June in the Midlands

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