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A Beard Symphony, how to explain potpourri, a bag full of goodies, the kamoosutra, ice cream, poetryreading, oooh, X-ray me in my room, more poetry reading, dirty talking, sex in the soviet-union, Stalin’s secret hobby — track played (X-ray me in my room) — an explanation of orang-utans, what is the word … looking for it for seven minutes … PRIMATES! (found after fifteen minutes) .. Adrian sings je t’aime … meeting Juiette Wallace … tourist information about Rome, stories about a female pope and here we are at 20 minutes and there are still forty minutes to go. Anyway, if Kamoos plays somewhere around you, go see them… chocolate eggs in the desert, milk day …. pumpkins in the east of Turkey — still half an hour to go … Eddy Hot Rod vs Mrs Shephard — track played (Orang Utans) ..

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