The Tape Review Show – parallel worlds

Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek play and discuss tapes, but not only. Adrian reads a page from the Giger diary like Giger (in a Swedish/Swiss accent), because he visited an exhibition in Berlin and includes the works of Hans Bellmann in his review. But art is not for eternity, more topics get discussed: boosters, restaurant visits and incidents with pens and waiters (Indian and Greek with respective accents by Adrian). Loophole review, but actually Rinus didn’t go because he refuses to get tested, so no review this time.

<unpacking, unpacking sounds, unpacking smells, grilled aubergine and sheep and hyperventilation, resulting in three tapes from More Mars, label operating from Greece.>

Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens – Manchmal auch nicht

Snowy and windy seaside memories from Brighton – lecture on how to review – location recordings vs listening at locations aka what is the best place to listen to some kinds of music – lecture on blank tapes – Anish Kapoor – the entrance to a parallel world, leading to a review by Rinus that is too complicated to repeat it here, on this page.

Ezio Piermattei – From afar it looks like an oriflamme

Adrian goes country – McCloud – Tarkovsky and The Sacrifice and The Bach Moment – transportative sounds – short Ezio description – Rinus’ memories of Italy and empty big villa’s where the remains of life return as soni particles.

Jim Strong – Voluntary letters

soundtrack for tiny fly observations – watching little animals in a garden in a warm country, while being beyond boredom and everything has become useless – ant thoughts – deep philisophy – childhood memories and insect experiences.

Unpacking the next packet from Econore in Mönchengladbach and talk about Greek heroes and The Odyssey, mini-series by Franco Rossi. Adrian reads real fucker information with German fuckery accent.

Real Fucker – Todellinen Nussija

side 1 is empty: Rinus and Adrian go full fucker.

side 2: Rinus fucks up the tape

Abba in sm-leather – 80s vs different era – a little bit of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and things to do in Mönchengladbach – comedy from the 70s with real fuckers in it – dark rooms in Berlin – Adrian’s experience as an extra in a Bruce LaBruce movie and getting nothing from it.