The Wire Bender presents : A Tribute to Damo Suzuki & John Hyatt  

The Wire-bender here on radio on Berlin paying tribute to two recently departed artists:  Damo Suzuki and John Hyatt  

Damo Suziki legendary front man for Can. Here recorded live at the windmill  in Brixton London .A  “surprise gig” for me  so much so  that when i arrived at the  small south london venue i thought it must be a tribute act.!!! But it was the real deal and his performance alongside black midi was nothing short of incredible.

We also saw John Hyatt artist teacher and lead singer for the three john’s transcending this earthly dimension  John would communicate me via social media always offering words of wonder and encouragement..Here on radio on  John is playing live in Chicago 1986 with the Three Johns. His surrealistic socialism still resonating to this day. 

 We finish with  session from  Children of the Bong and their demo cassette that they sent  in to club dog, now re emerging on the cherry red record label

We hope to feature more of  them in the future .