Paris, Stalingrad – Radio On Edit of DIYChurch w/Markus Stein, Harold Schellinx and Blenno Wurst

First this
D.I.Y. Church is a weekly Live Radioshow on Radio23 Channel A. Every Monday from 7-9 pm BerlinTime the Church shares the freedom of speech with a special guest: A musician, performer, visual artist, collector, scientist, real men & no life. He/She presents his/her references and work issues in relation with a chosen theme.

Then this
When Markus Stein was in Paris he met up with Harold Schellinx. In the original radio show you will hear an interview in which Harold talks about his career. Sounds are provided by local cassetteurs.

Word to me (= Rinus van Alebeek)

“When editing the show I discovered another movement in the interview Markus did with Harold. The melody, the timing, the sound of some hesitations, the give and take play of interviewer and interviewee were much more interesting (to me) than the information itself. The result, which I didn’t look for, is as close to slapstick as it is to the reading of an ancient nearly damaged scroll.”

“The live sounds always work well in a live transmission, or in the original place as you can witness and feel how the concert evolves. I have less patience when it comes to radio. I took, what I think, were, the best parts, and turned it into a new collagist moment.”

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