Adrian Shephard talks with James Dougherty

When Adrian was in the tour bus with the Origami gang, the door of the fridge seemed to open by itself. There was a short silence, all faces turned towards the fridge. Out came a gnome-faced American, with a cool beer in his hand. He gently closed the door of the fridge, and started talking.

Adrian’s guest is the grandson of the James Dougherty who was Marilyn Monroe’s first husband. And according to self-spread rumour his mother had a short affair with Iggy Pop, when the Stooges played in Bar Harbor. James is also the founder of the Plain Coon Cat Association (PeeCooCaAss) that fights for very specific animal rights. Dougherty is the self appointed priest for the Plain Coon Cat Church, and baptises, marries and buries cats and other animals for a fee no less then 50$.

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