The Nikolas Schreck Show with the author Simon Wells

A new show by Nikolas Schreck, best to be described and announced in his own words. One side note on Simon Wells. It is not this Simon, that Nikolas has talked to, though it might have been interesting to hear Schreck on Schrek. The author Simon Wells, who you will hear in the interview, is hard to find. His books, however, are one click away.

Word to Nikolas,

“Tune in, Turn on and Drop Out to The Nikolas Schreck Show as we take you on a time travel trip to swinging Sixties London and its psychedelic sound featuring a Psychedelic Schreck, the thespic talents of the mysterious Ania PsH, an outdated BBC announcer Shephard together with the first part of Nikolas’s in depth interview with author and 1960s expert Simon Wells on the impact of LSD on British pop culture.”

‘A bright star in an otherwise dull and decrepit universe’ – the TV times.

Recorded, edited and mastering by Adrian Shephard