In recent history the Soviet Union disappeared; and shortly before that Great Britain became insular again. The borders of European countries were constantly in movement and created different formed stains on the map. All empires have left their marks in the minds of generations, but also in cities, villages and in the countryside.

On Radio On we have had some guests who talked about West Berlin. In all this rising and falling, Berlin for sure had its share. In the years 1961-1989 it was a very unique sociotope. Lord Litter lived in this city, a city that doesn’t exist anymore. Graffiti, theaters, apartments, squares and open spaces were, and still are the modern-day archeological remains of that time. It can hurt if they disappear.

Here’s The Playlist

1. Bert Kaempfert – Our street of Love – CD – One lonely Night
2. Radium 88 – renunciation blues – CD – The Loneliness  of the Long Distance Space Traveler
3. Alvaro – The Time – CD ep – darlings

4. Lifesmyth – Change my mind – CD – In Time –
5. Electric Light Orchestra – Manhatten Rumble (49th Street Masacre) – LP – ELO 1 –
6. Dan Droid – ABD – CD – Liberated


7. The Inexperienced – Curl One Off – CD – Too experienced


8. Tadashi Aioi – Yachee Yachee
9. Tadashi Aioi – Nori Nori Nori
10. Tadashi Aioi – Yanagi
8 / 9 / 10 from CD – Aioi Usui Picnic –


11. Steve Kusaba – Prelude(elm st)
12. Steve Kusaba – Truculent Czar
12. Steve Kusaba – Lets Settle this
11 / 12 /13 from CD – *Book ‘o’ Virtues* as part of the 48 hours Rock Opera *Centrifugal Satz Clock* –

Scherl: ADN-ZB/Archiv II. Weltkrieg 1939-45 Berlin nach dem Luftangriff am 3.2.1945. Ein Wasserrohr barst beim Angriff. Die Wassermassen überschwemmten die Oranienstraße. Passanten bauen aus Trümmersteinen neben einer zerstörten Straßenbahn einen Notsteg.

15. Gothic Chicken – The Mousetrap
14 / 15 from LP – Lift The Cobweb Veil


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