The Tape Review Show – Medical Edition #3

In this third medical episode of the Tape review show broadcasting from the vivantes Krankenhaus in Friedrishain the painkiller shots mount up on the hospital tray as Adrian desperately tries to maintain a grip on reality – ‘all I hear are chickens’. Rinus skilfully keeps the tapes playing whilst simultaneously nursing the guy in the bed next to us. The intrevenous drips keep flowing and Adrians blood pressure goes lower in this game of review the tapes before the doctors arrive to remove his lung waste removal cable. In this show we review :

Audioregistratore Due Cavalli – Angelo Bignamini/Cristiano Carosi

Phase two – ATRX

Feu de Joie – Angelo Bignamini

Live Bujun Dokument – Harshcore & Der Einzige

Zumpelvelder Sljagerparade 1989 – Woeësj-Joepe